On July 23rd 2012, many communities in the Ottawa region were hit by hail (see previous blog) and also by high winds.    Some of you may have lost some shingles, and need to act quickly. I suggest you contact a local roofing contractor or someone that is qualified and equipped to go up on roofs and perform, first and foremost, a temporary repair to seal against future leaks, followed by a detailed report of their findings. This is VERY IMPORTANT because many of the roofs do not have underlayment beneath the shingles. This is quite costly if a heavy rainfall comes along as water easily enters the attic. Traditional shingles called 3-tab are guaranteed to resist winds up to around 90km/h depending on the manufacturer. Architectural shingles, a heavier designer shingle, resist winds of more than 150km/h and should not have sustained any wind damage. If they blew off, it could be that your shingles had not previously glued, that the shingles were nailed too high up on the sheets weakening the resistance or that the nails are over or under-driven. Either way, have someone check your roof and assess the cause.